Myths about oral contraceptives

We always talk about oral contraceptives, hear all about it, and we all give our judgments on them, whether who can use it, or cant, who is at risk and who is not !!!
Here below are the most common myths and the facts Behind them:

1-    The pill might render me infertile, or at least it will cause a long delay in getting pregnant !!!
The pill does not cause infertility regardless of how long a woman takes it.
Regarding the delay, there is no evidence that the pill is the cause, a woman can get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill, but there are some individualized cases in which there was a delay up to 6 months as a maximum.

2-    The hormone will build up in my body !!
After the pill is swallowed, the hormone is absorbed to produce the contraceptive effect then eliminated from the body, it dose not accumulate anywhere.

3-    The pills will cause my baby birth defects !!
Good evidence shows that the pills will not cause birth defects; all you have to do is to stop them once you know that you are pregnant.

4-    The pill causes cancer on the long run !
The pill is proven to decrease the risk of having ovarian and endometrial (uterus) cancer, on the other hand there are no proof that the increase the risk for breast cancer.

5-    The pill will reduce sexual pleasure and interest !!

There is no scientific evidence that the pill will affect woman's desire and sexual pleasure.

6-    I need a rest period from the pill once in a while.

The pill is safe to be taken fore years, and there is no scientific proof that it would be better to take a "break" from the pill.

  7-    All contraceptives are the same !

There are different types of contraceptives; some contain only progesterone, while others contain both estrogen and progesterone. Oral contraceptives are available in different doses, different packs form different brands, and each type will act differently from one female to another.

  8-    Smokers can't use contraceptives

Using contraceptives by a smoker female will increase the risk of clots and stoke, especially for smoker females who are 35 years old or older, so these females are not advised to use a contraceptive.

  9-    Contraceptives are NOT used only for contraception.

Oral contraceptives can be used for different indications other than contraception like menstrual cycle regulation, hirsutism, acne or other indications as told by your doctor.