Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Dark circles around the eyes is the darkening below both eyes, it occur due to several reasons like aging, fatigue, etc. The severity ranges from one person to another. In most cases it’s not a sign of a serious illness, but it might be a sign of tiredness and fatigue or develop due to the normal process of aging. Dark circles appear in both men and women, usually it starts at puberty.

Most common causes for dark circles:

  • Lack of sleep and this is considered one of the most common causes of dark circles.
  • Allergy.
  • Eczema.
  • Heredity.
  • Life style, such as alcohol, smoking tobacco, and soft drinks, which contains caffeine.
  • Nose congestion, which may lead to vein widening (the veins that drain secretions from eye to nose).
  • Skin color problems (melanin) for some types of skin, especially black colored and Asian people.
  • Sun exposure, which makes your body produce more melanin (pigment of skin in the body).
  • Some medications, especially medications that dilate vessels.
  • Skin thinning, and loss of fats and collagen, which makes blood vessels appear clearly under the eyes.
  • Rubbing the bottom of the eye roughly, which leads to the breakdown of red blood cells present there, and oxidizing what’s inside it, which leads to dark circles around the eyes.

In most cases, black circles under the eye are not a medical problem, but if you want a longer effect solution other than creams, consult the dermatologist.

Depending on the cause of dark circles, your doctor may prescribe certain creams for you, or combination of medications to eliminate or reduce the dark circles. It Can be treated with laser.

Self care:

Mild to moderate dark circles have good response to simple inexpensive treatments such as:

  • Use bags or a soft piece of fabric that contains ice, and apply it on the eye for a short time. It narrow's the blood vessels in this area, and reduces the darkening.
  • Using extra pillows when going to sleep, and raise your head above your body level, to prevent swelling.
  • lack of sleep for one night may not always lead to dark circles,  but restitution of sleep is beneficial for reducing swelling, and tiredness resulted.
  • Despite that tanning may hide black circles for the short term, but on the long term it may result in extra pigment that darkens the circles even more. That’s why it's recommended to use dark sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun.
  • In case of nose congestion, you can wash the sinuses with water and salt solution, to reduce congestion.
  • Start a healthy diet that is full of vitamins or minerals and drink plenty of water.
  • Cosmetics: researches showed that creams that contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, are effective to treat this condition.

There are several products available in the pharmacies to treat dark circles, but you have to know the main cause behind this problem first, not to treat the sign without taking in consideration the primary cause.

When you should see a doctor?

Swelling of one eye or if it gets worse with time, you have to see a doctor.